On May 3, Seyfarth attorneys Teddie Arnold and Anthony LaPlaca are presenting a 1-day session on Government Contract Compliance as part of the Federal Publications Seminars’ Training Academy in La Jolla, California. Seyfarth attorneys Joe Dyer, Stephanie Magnell, and Bret Marfut will also be presenting remotely.

A substantive compliance program can reduce the chances that someone in your company will engage in improper practices. And although a compliance program cannot absolutely insure against incurring criminal, civil, or administrative liability to the government, it can provide contractors an effective shield against the worst consequences of a federal fraud investigation. This course provides assistance to individuals and organizations in ensuring compliance with federal laws and regulations.

This panel will allow attendees to:

  • Gain insights and knowledge on the relevant statutory offenses and penalties, including the False Claims Act and False Statements statute
  • Develop an understanding of how to set up and audit your compliance programs
  • Develop an understanding of rules governing interactions between government and contractor personnel
  • Understand the compliance and meaning of numerous discrete topics, including defective pricing, time charging, contract claims, and the Buy American Act

Find more information and register on the Federal Publications Seminars website.