The 2019 novel coronavirus and the disease it causes (“COVID-19”) is changing the landscape of construction projects across the country. COVID-19 orders from governors and other public officials are impacting projects by requiring new health initiatives, such as social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment, requiring residents to stay at home and self-quarantine if they cross state lines, and in some regions shutting down projects completely. The pandemic is squeezing supply chains, creating the possibility of late deliveries and price escalation as buyers compete for diminishing resources. As the economy hibernates while individuals shelter in place, funding sources for construction financing are diminishing, posing risks to new and ongoing projects. These issues create risks of delay, labor inefficiency, price escalation, nonpayment, and construction workers and on-site owner personnel becoming sick, among others. This COVID-19 Playbook discusses rights, remedies and steps to consider under AIA® Document A201™ – 2017 (“A201”) so you can put yourself in the best position to shape the outcome you need in light of the pandemic.

Download the A201 Playbook for COVID-19: Avoiding Pitfalls and Mitigating Risk on Construction Projects