Alison Ashford, Seyfarth partner and co-chair of the Seyfarth Construction Group, is moderating the “Risk/Reward?: Challenging Issues with Design/Construction Risk Allocation” panel at The Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo, March 4-6 in Dallas, Texas.

The session is focused on the challenges to both the private and public sectors in valuing and allocating the front-end risk that lies in the design and construction of public facilities. The session will explore many key risk-related questions, including:

  • Are public owners seeking to transfer more risk than in the past?
  • Is competition driving successful allocations?
  • How are sponsors, lenders and rating agencies impacting the allocation of design and construction risks?

The Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo brings together industry leaders and leaders from states, localities, higher education institutions, and public agencies to discuss infrastructure challenges and innovations to solve the challenges.

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