On August 26, 2020, James Newland, AIA, partner in Seyfarth’s Construction group, along with Andrew McCoy, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Director of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction at Virginia Tech, will present the a free Lunch and Learn program: Construction Risk Management, Changes, Delays, Inefficiency, and Claims.

The program is free of charge and CLE is available in most states and serves as a learning opportunity and an introduction to the Myers Lawson Professional Education programs.

Register here for the program: Webinar Registration

Topics covered during the program will include:

  • Basic risk assignment issues among the owner, the general contractor, and the subcontractor(s).
  • The mechanism for recognizing and implementing changes, delays, and claims under public and private contracts .
  • The changes, delay-related, and disputes clauses and how they affect the interests of the owner, general contractor, and subcontractors.
  • Different notice requirements for express and constructive changes, limitations on recovery under the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and private forms such as the AIA and ConsensusDocs.
  • The flow-through aspects of notice requirements and documents used as alternatives to formal correspondence, such as meeting minutes, schedules, and monthly update narratives.
  • The differences and uses of industry-recognized methods, such as the Time Impact Analyses, Impacted As-Planned, and Collapsed As-Built techniques as they are used to quantify delay. Additionally, the concepts of concurrency and pacing as well as the contractor’s rights and the owner’s obligations in the event of concurrent delay.
  • Types of No Damages for Delay Clauses, general exceptions to application of the clauses, as well as the potential application of the Severin doctrine on a pass-through delay claim.
  • The impacts of COVID-19, including increased PPE, social distancing, and jobsite disinfection.